The AETOURNOS project:

Airborne Embedded auTonomOUs Robust Network of Objects and Sensors

AETOURNOS is a multi-team joint project within the Loria laboratory. Tackling the scientific and technical challenges of formation flying and eventually flocking of Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs), this Cyber Physical System (CPS) platform should serve as a catalyst for cross-domain researches and as a demonstrator for scientific projects conducted in many different computer science fields. It has been initially designed with teams coming from the following themes: real-time software and networks, multi-modeling and cosimulation, sensors/actuators networks management and security, formal methods applied to safe-by-design software and systems development... The platform will offer a full range of testing capabilities from pure simulation to fully-autonomous real indoor and outdoor experiments, passing by remotely controlled scenarios and co-simulation (i.e. mixing partially implemented code, functional hardware and emulated features and behaviors).